Su Jia’s development story in Bekaert

Su Jia joined Bekaert in 2011 after graduating in materials engineering from Beijing University of science and technology. After 11 years, she is now a product manager in Bekaert’s rubber reinforcement commercial team in China.

Bekaert was my first job, and I was full of passion, excitement and really looking forward to joining in.

My first position was Technical Service Engineer in the sales team. From the beginning, Bekaert arranged a comprehensive training plan for me. After 6 months of getting to know the internal production process and customer process, I started working to solve technical issues for customers related to tire cord. By dealing with very practical problems, my professional technical ability and communication skills greatly improved.

In 2012, I transferred to the product management team and relocated to Jiangyin, closely working with the R&D center to further improve my technical knowledge. During this period, my job responsibilities were mainly linked to the promotion of new products to customers, cooperating with product managers to carry out product management related work, leading and participating in collaboration projects between our R&D center, our plants and our customers. It was a fulfilling job that I felt very passionate about. I worked closely with my colleagues and actively communicated with customers to drive progress, and I learned and grew a lot.

In 2017, I started working as Product Manager. This is a higher-level role that has given me the opportunity to experience different job responsibilities, each further expanding my vision and improving my business capabilities.

Looking back on the past 11 years of my work, I am very grateful to have met Bekaert at my most beautiful age, and to work with passionate, friendly, cooperative, inclusive and understanding colleagues. I am so happy to grow with Bekaert and I’m looking forward to creating more exciting stories with the company in the future.