BMS Local Change Agent

Date: Jun 10, 2021

Location: Chongqin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



Purpose of the Job


The role of this position is to lead to improve efficiency of operational department and waste elimination for BCSC via Lean Production deployment and Continue Improvement projects management.

1.Make workshop observation regularly to searching improvement opportunity.

2.Use systematic and reasonable method to reduce operator's working intensity, and improve efficiency.

3.Lead plant OEE/TEEP to improve, inculd HP/FP/Main all around excellent operation area. 

4.Support supervisor to do data analysis and push the completion for WoW relate work.


Your Role


1. Lead plant OEE/TEEP/Labor to improve by systematic method and combine with BMS method.通过系统方法和结合BMS方式主导工厂OEE/TEEP/人工

- Lead to improve efficiency of operational department and waste elimination for BCSC via Lean Production deployment.通过精益生成的实施引导运营部门的效率改善和消除浪费

- Make workshop observation regularly to find out improvement opportunity and define the improve actions.通过日常的现场观察来发现改进机会和定义改进行动

- Lead the rountine tasks of playbook.负责PB的日常工作

- Impove the data accuracy include OEE/TEEP/labor etc.改善包括OEE/TEEP等数据准确性

2. Deploy BMS Way of Working to create an positive culture of improvement.通过实施BMS WOW来创建一个积极的改善文化

- Keep following up WoW six elements status and organize the improvement actions.负责跟踪WOW 6大元素状态和组织改善行动

- Cooperate with center to improve WoW and do the cross check与中心部门合作来改善WOW和进行交叉检查

- Manage suggestion system and GPS, lead the selection of good suggestion to eliminate the waste of employee's wisdom管理合理化建议系统和GPS,负责选择优秀合理化建议来消除员工智慧的浪费

- Track CI project status and organize management review meeting跟踪CI项目状态和组织管理层回顾会议

- Organize or assist lean forum and relevance learning stop.组织和协助精益论坛和实施总结

3.Waste elimination 消除浪费

- Cooperate with all department to do idea generation与所有部门合作激发消除浪费想法

- Cooperate with Fin to assure the accuracy of standard cost与财务部门合作来确保标准成本的准确性

- Track the BMS project saving and update into WAVE system跟踪BMS项目节约和更新进去WAVE系统



Your Profile


1.  Junior college, related to chemistry, Mechanical, Material and engineer major.  大专以上学历,化学、机械、材料,工程等相关专业

2.  Good at English listening, reading, speaking and writing.较好的英语听、说、读、写能力

3.  Logic thinking.逻辑思维能力强

4.  Understand the knowledge of operating, basic process knowledge, basic equipment knowledge.了解各工序生产运营知识,基本工艺知识,基本设备知识

5.  Six sigma knowledge and project experience.六西格玛基础知识和六西格玛项目经验

6.  Basic IE knowledge and experience.一定IE知识和经验。



Internal Application Criteria


•Service year: at least 1.5 years in current position


•Job relevance: meet the basic requirements of the position


•Performance: solid performance or above in current position




If you’re interested in the position and meet the criteria, please inform your line manager and local HRM first and then apply online!



You grow, we grow... Better together. Bekaert offers continuous development opportunities.

Job Segment: Coating, Lean Six Sigma, Data Analyst, Six Sigma, Manufacturing, Management, Data