Cost Accountant 成本会计

Date: Jan 14, 2022

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



I. 岗位设置的目的 Purpose of the Job  

  • 维护和强化一个流畅和可靠的成本体系。To maintain a reliable costing system and make improvement.
  • 强化产品成本分析,为管理层提供一个合理成本差异分析。Focus on product cost analysis, and perform sound variance analysis for management.
  • 提高运营效率,提供业务部门更多支持。To improve operation efficiency and to serve more for business development.


II. 职责描述 Task Description

  • 标准成本 Standard costing
    • 配合做好运营部门建立新产品标准成本工作。Build up standard cost for new products with cooperation of operation team.
    • 根据业务需求对现有的产品更新标准成本相关要素(价格每年更新一次,材料成本每月更新一次)。Update standard costs of existing products as per BU request (tariff once a year, RM price once a month).
    • 跟踪SAP系统成本模块要素(成本中心,成本要素,工作中心,分摊规则等)。Monitor SAP controlling module(cost certer,cost element, work center, allocation key, etc).
    • 标准成本更新后,计算差异(存货的金额变化)。Caculate the variance(value change for stock)when the standard cost is
  • 成本核算 Cost accounting & closing
    • 每月主导成本分摊和相关记账工作,并检查准确性。In charge of cost allocation and posting monthly, and check the accuracy.
    • 组织每月存货盘点工作并提供库存变化相关报告。Organize physical counting monthly and prepare stock movement reports.
    • 准备每月生产成本报告。Prepare monthly cash cost report.
    • 根据集团的关联方定价政策计算(产品的)关联方的转移定价。Calculate transfer prices to intercompany according to TP policies. 
    • 检查成本科目的准确性,并视需要对科目进行手工记账。Check the account booking accuracy and made manual posting if necessary.
  • 分析及报告 Analysis & reporting
    • 进行实际成本和标准成本的差异分析。Analyze variances between actual cost and standard cost.
    • 建立和分析生产成本的变化,支持BMS项目。Help to build and analyze cash cost bridge to support BMS saving.
    • 主要产品的销售毛利分析以及销售报表检查。Major product margin analysis, and margin report check.
    • 定期分析标准成本的变化要素,包括物料成本、生产工序、物料配置、分摊规则等。Analyze standard costs evolution regularly, including changes in material prices, production process, BOM, allocation rules, etc..
  • 预算及预测 Budget & forecast
    • 收集X+1预算的所有相关的数据信息。Collect all necessary data to prepare X+1 plan.
    • 每月配合财务经理和工厂经理做好利润预测工作等。Work with controller/plant management for monthly forecast as well as other cost analysis.
    • 配合财务经理做好每年的定义标准成本、代表工序工艺、价格、分摊规则预算设置。Assist plant controller to define standard price, representative activity, tariffs, allocation rules setting, etc..
  • 其他 Others 
    • 做好内控支持工作。Internal control supporting.
    • 辅助(财务经理)做好财务项目工作(如投资项目,成本节约等)。Assist in evaluation/studies of financial projects (eg investment, cost saving).
    • 定期下车间进行学习。Regular visit and study on shopfloor.
    • 配合中心部门的相关工作(SSC,BMC)和处理工厂日常财务工作。Coordiate with other departments(SSC,BMC etc.) and handle daily affairs & ad hoc tasks in plant when necessary.


III. 任职要求 Qualifications

  • 本科学历,会计、财务相关专业。Bachelor degree, major in accounting or finance.
  • 1-3年外企成本会计相关工作经验。1-3 years of relevant working experience in multi-national company.
  • 英语熟练。Good command of English.
  • 熟悉办公软件的应用(Excel,Access等),有ERP应用经验的优先。Familiar with office computer operation (Excel, Access, etc.) , ERP experience preferred.
  • 良好的协调和沟通技能。Good coordination and communication skills.
  • 积极主动、良好的分析能力。Proactive and strong analysis skill.



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