Daily CF Mechanical Maintenance Technician

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Date: Sep 18, 2023

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV


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As the world and the way people live is changing, at Bekaert we believe it’s our responsibility to contribute to finding new solutions for the future. Our ambition is to be the leading partner for shaping the way we live and move. And to always do this the Bekaert Way – safe, smart, and sustainable.

With a heritage of more than 140 years, we continue to strengthen our core competencies that have made Bekaert a global market and technology leader in material science of steel wire transformation and coating technologies. Today, we also apply our expertise beyond steel to create new solutions with innovative materials and services for markets including new mobility, low-carbon construction, and green energy.

As a dynamic and growing company with over 27,000 employees worldwide, 75 nationalities, a retention rate above 90% and almost € 7 billion in combined revenue in 2022, we're looking for someone like you to join our team!


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  • Personal Growth – Let us help you unlock your full potential
  • Pioneering – Join us to challenge the impossible
  • Creativity - Discover possibilities beyond steel
  • Purpose – Drive progress for our planet and people
  • Diversity – Together, we create change





1. 参与全厂机械相关的故障维修、预防/预测维修、改进维修
1.1 能及时和准确地完成维修工程师所指定和分配的任务,在设备发生突发故障时,能主动处理故障
1.2 使用正确的方法、正确的工具快速处理故障,如果在他的工作处发生一个以上的故障,按照优先级别来解决问题
1.3 如果他本人存在任何问题(能力、人员、时间等),应及时向维修工程师报告,由工程师来安排处理这个问题
1.4 安全地工作,工作前要求填写安全观察卡; 实施设备挂牌,执行LOTOTO程序
1.5 工作完成后及时通知生产操作工或告知生产领班
1.6 根据安排按照TS16949的要求执行设备预防、预测维修以及根据工程师的安排执行设备的维修改进工作


2. 执行定期的点巡检和倒班的故障处理
2.1 按规定要求对负责区域的设备进行点巡检,发现问题及时处理或升级汇报
2.2 在倒班工作中及时响应和处理突发的设备机械故障,如当班无法处理,填写红黄卡升级汇报
2.3 在倒班工作中积极配合电气倒班人员处理故障,以期快速解决问题


3. 确保维修区域的安全和清洁
3.1 在车间完成维修和清洁期间保持和确保安全,如有问题应与工程师协商
3.2 在改进安全规则方面给工程师提供建议,如果没有遵守与清洁相关的规定时采取适当的行为以确保这个行为不会被重复
3.3 在工作结束后保持工作区和工作台的清洁,做到“工完场地清”
3.4 维修人员必须按国家规定的特殊工种安全操作要求上岗并定期进行审证工作,严格执行高空、动火、带电等风险工作的Ptw审批手续和制度


4. 确保与本部门或相关部门的良好沟通
4.1 在每天工作开始时参加例会,分享相关信息,提出问题,勇于向上级提问并得到建议或回答
4.2 在维修部门内积极交换维修经验和相关信息
4.3 在各种维修之前、期间和之后主动和生产操作工或生产领班交换信息,避免相互间的误解,提高合作氛围



-   中专或以上学历,至少2-3年以上机械工作经验
-   渴望学习新事物,期待在机械相关方面得到提高,有良好的技术知识和技能以执行机械维修和管理的要求
-   对问题有预见性(在故障发生前尽可能多的发现问题),严格执行操作程序,提供改进意见
-   良好的动手能力
-   良好的工作态度和执行力
-   具体一定的CAD基础


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We're looking for individuals who are not afraid to take risks and explore new ideas. If you are passionate about personal growth and bringing your authentic self to work, we want you on our team!

At Bekaert, we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


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Job Segment: Environmental Engineering, Sustainability, Maintenance, Materials Science, Coating, Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing, Science