Environment Engineer 环境工程师

Date: Sep 15, 2021

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



I. 岗位目的 Purpose of the Job

有效管理环境危害因素,以降低环境事故损失;降低厂界周围企事业单位和居民抱怨。Effective management of environmental hazards to reduce the loss of environmental accidents, reduce the complains from enterprises and residents around the factory.

  • 有效管理和监控环境因素,识别重大环境危害因素并有效控制;Effective management and monitoring of environmental factors, identify major environmental hazards and effective control.
  • 建立和完善ISO14001环境管理体系,对审计不符合项协助各部门及时整改;Establish and improve ISO14001 environmental management system, assist departments to timely rectify non-conformities.
  • 完成法律法规及相关方要求的符合性整改;Complete the compliance rectification required by laws and regulations and related parties.
  • 制定并跟踪每年的持续改进项目。Develop and track annual CI projects.


II. 职责描述 Task Description

1.ISO14001体系维护 ISO14001 system maintenance

  • 组织完善公司环境因素识别,并就重大环境因素制定行动措施和改进计划;Organize and improve the identification of environmental factors in the company, and make improvement actions  for major environmental factors.
  • 根据运营变化及时更新相关流程和体系文件;Keep relevant processes and system documents up-to-date according to operational changes.
  • 对公司ISO14001环境管理体系进行维护,环境因素不符合项的定期整改;Maintain  ISO14001 environmental management system, regular rectify environmental non-conformities.
  • 组织环境事故调查和分析,制定纠正预防措施,防止类似事故的重复发生;Organize environmental accident investigation and analysis, make corrective and preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents.
  • 组织内审和管理评审,及时向管理层报告公司环境运营状况;Organize internal audit and management review, timely report the company's environmental operations to management team.
  • 将组织的环境要求传递给相关方,同时根据相关方的要求落实内部环境管理。Delivary the organization's environmental requirements to the parties, and implements internal environmental management in accordance with the requirements of the parties.

2.法律法规的符合性 Compliance with laws and regulations

  • 识别环境相关的法律法规,并及时更新;Identify environmental laws and regulations and update them timely.
  • 开展法律法规符合性内部检查和外部审计;Conduct internal inspections and external audits of compliance with laws and regulations.
  • 跟踪审计发现的不符合项,制定改进措施并及时关闭。Track non-conformities, make improvement measures to close them timely.

3.环保设施运行管理、危险废弃物处理及化学品管理 Environmental facility operation management, hazardous waste disposal and chemical management

  • 环保设备运行管理制度确定并跟踪执行情况;Establish environmental equipment operation management system and track it's implementation.
  • 跟踪水气声渣各项指标,定期跟踪运行情况并改善;Track the indicators of water, gas, sound and slag, track and improve the operations regularly.
  • 正确识别公司内危险废弃物和一般废弃物,并分类存放;Properly identify hazardous and general waste in the company and store it in a classified  way.
  • 所有危险废弃物依法转移,无环保局和周围居民抱怨;Transfer all hazardous waste in accordance with laws,  and without complaints from the EPA and surrounding residents.
  • 定期跟踪危险废弃物,制定有效措施降低废弃物产生量和处理成本;Regularly track hazardous waste and make effective measures to reduce waste generation and treatment costs.
  • 跟踪管理工厂化学品安全,符合政府要求。Track the safety of plant chemical and comply with government requirements.

4.建设项目环评管理和排污许可证管理 Environmental assessment management and sewage permit management for construction projects

  • 配合建设项目完成环评三同时,确保符合法规要求并通过验收;Cooperate with the construction project to complete EIA evaluation, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and through acceptance.
  • 维护排污许可证的有效性,结合变化及时更新确保与实际一致;Maintain the validity of sewage permits, combined with changes to ensure the consistency of updates and practice.
  • 跟踪推进排污许可证执行报告在内部实施,满足政府要求。Track and promote the internally implementation of sewage permits report to meet government requirements.

5. 环境卓越运行和Prosoil Excellence environmental operations and Prosoil 

  • 跟踪公司环境卓越运行项目,统计阶段性改进成果;Track the company's excellence environmental operation projects, phased statistics  improvement results.
  • 制定相对应的环境改善项目,并跟踪落实;Develop corresponding environmental improvement projects and track implementation.
  • 组织环境改善项目并跟踪项目进展;Organize environmental improvement projects and track project progress.
  • Prosoil审计及不符合项的整改关闭。Prosoil audit and non-conformity rectification closed.


III. 任职要求Qualifications

  • 大学本科,环境工程相关专业;Bachelor, major in environmental engineering.
  • 三年以上制造行业环境管理工作经验;More than three years experiences in environmental management in the manufacturing industry.
  • 熟练掌握ISO14001管理体系的实施和运行维护;熟悉国家环境、职业健康相关法律法规和EHS管理体系标准;Master the implementation and operation and maintenance of ISO14001 management system, familiar with the national environment, occupational health related laws and regulations and EHS management system standards.
  • 熟练使用Microsoft Office办公软件(Wore,Excel,PPT);Skilled in Microsoft Office Office software (Wore, Excel, PPT).
  • 具有良好的英语读写能力;Good English oral and write skills.
  • 善于沟通协调,具有高度的责任感和团队协s作精神;乐于分享,具有创新思维。Good at communication and coordination, with high senses of responsibility and teamwork. 



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