Payroll Manager China

Date: Sep 23, 2021

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



Purpose of the Job:

Perform payroll related tasks as required by the company, design and continuously optimize the attendance, payroll and declaration process; drive standardization process and provide efficient and high quality payroll service



Your Role:

1. 按公司要求执行与薪资相关的各种活动,包括但不限于: 
Perform various payroll related activities as required by the company, including but not limited to:

  • 根据HRSSC所定义的SLA条款,带领薪资团队高效及高质量地完成所要求的服务 Lead the payroll team to deliver the required services efficiently based on SLA.
  • 为员工提供相关答疑及查询服务 Provide relevant Q&A and enquiry services to employees

2. 作为Leader领导考勤及薪资流程的重组与持续优化,并推动流程及规则的标准化:
Lead the reorganization and continuous optimization of attendance and payroll processes, and drive the standardization of processes and rules as the Leader:

  • 优化整合中国区考勤/薪资计算/社保/公积金/个税/工资支付等流程,使之简单高效 Optimize and integrate attendance/salary calculation/social security/provident fund/individual income tax/salary payment processed in China, make it simple and efficient
  • 推动中国区在相关流程及计算规则方面的标准化,尽可能使用自动功能替代手工劳动,提高准确率和效率 Drive standardization of relevant processes and calculation rules in China, and replace manual labor with automatic functions to improve accuracy and efficiency

3. 负责HRIS的考勤及薪资模块,并持续优化系统功能,包括但不限于:
Responsible for attendance and salary module of HRIS, and continuously optimize system functions, including but not limited to:

  • 定期检查系统设置 Check system settings periodically
  • 跟踪及解决系统出现的薪资异常状况 Follow up and solve abnormal salary in the system
  • 管理及优化系统不能解决的功能 Manage and optimize functions that cannot be solved by the system
  • 考察及学习市场先进技术,结合公司现状,优化及改善现有系统功能,并不定期推出新的功能以提高HR服务质量及效率 Investigate and learn advanced technologies in the market, optimize and improve existing system functions based on the company's current situation, and periodically introduce new functions to improve HR service quality and efficiency
  •  HRIS系统里考勤薪资模块与其它模块的无缝衔接 Connection among attendance and salary module and other modules in HRIS system

4. 确保所有薪资活动符合相关法律法规: 
Ensure that all payroll activities comply with relevant laws and regulations:

  • 确保薪资活动符合国家和当地法律法规 Ensure payroll activities comply with national and local laws and regulations
  • 确保薪资活动符合公司政策 Ensure payroll activities are in line with company policy

5. 辅导并发展团队成员,为HR团队发掘并输送具有发展潜力的年青人才
Coach and develop team members, identify and transfer potential young talents to other HR Functions

6. 完成上级安排的其它工作
Complete other tasks assigned by superior



Context Description & Dimensions:

Scope of Work

  • 日常运营:负责薪资相关活动的实施,涵盖整个中国区及香港地区18家不同的法人实体,实际人员超过8,600人 Daily operation: Responsible for the implementation of salary-related activities, covering 18 different legal entities in the whole China and Hong Kong, with more than 8,600 employees
  • 持续改进:负责相关流程及系统功能的改善提高 Continuous improvement: responsible for the improvement of related processes and system functions
  • 团队管理:带领6个人的工作团队,负责团队的整体绩效表现及下属的成长发展 Team management: Led a team of 6 people, responsible for the overall performance of the team and the growth and development of subordinates
  • 工作联系人:包括业务部门的HR,人力资源系统的维护商,公司IT部门的支持组以及HR专家们,全体员工 Contacts: including HRBPs/HRMs, HR system admin, IT departments, HR experts and all employees


Characteristic requirements

  • 具有很好的实施能力,能将措施及行动按时按质落实到位 Good implementation ability, is able to implement on time with good quality
  • 很好的持续改善意识,能接受新事物,勇于改变现状,需要较强的的创新能力、改革推动能力、独立解决问题的能力 Good sense of continuous improvement, is able to accept new things, is brave to change the status quo, strong innovation ability, ability to drive change, independent problem solving ability
  • 具备良好的的领导力,带领团队成为高绩效和学习型团队 Good leadership skill, is able to build a high performance and learning team
  • 工作对准确性和及时性要求高,需要具备较强的抗压能力 High accuracy and timeliness requirements, can work under pressure
  • 数据错误时会影响到部分/所有员工,需要责任心强 Strong sense of responsibility is required
  • 对数据有敏感性,能从大量数据中发现异常 Data acumen and ability to detect abnormal data in large amounts of data


Office environment:

Office environment, using computer and human resource system to process data


Your Profile:

  1. 本科及以上学历 Bachelor or above degree 
  2. 至少5年外企HR C&B工作经验,其中2年以上主管经验 At least 5 years working experience in HR C&B in multinational companies with at least 2 years' leader role
  3. 有项目经验者优先 Experience in Project Management is a plus;
  4. 良好的办公软件技能,如有HRIS系统经验者优先 Good skills at MS Office, experience on working with HRIS system is a plus;
  5. 良好的沟通及人际交往能力 Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  6. 良好的英语能力,英语能作为工作语言 Good English, English is the working language;
  7. 团队合作精神 A strong team player
  8. 良好的服务心态 Good service mindset



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