QA Supervisor

Date: Sep 14, 2021

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



岗位设置的目的 Purpose Of The Job

  • 推动过程控制优化。Promote process control.
  • 降低不合格品。Minimize non-conformity product.


职责描述 Job Description

  • 团队管理 Team Management:
    • 通过PPM管理团队业绩。Manage the performance of the sub-ordinators by the PPM process of Bekaert.  
    • 培训、指导员工和激励团队成员。Train, coach people and motivate team members.
  • 质量策划 Quality Planning:
    • 基于各部门质量控制关键指标和表现,与生产部门质量主管一起策划质量管控的重点和突破点,实现质量控制的稳步提升。 Based on the key indicators and performance of quality control in product departments, plan the key points and breakthrough points of quality control together with the Quality Supervisor of the production department to achieve the steady improvement of quality control.
    • 基于外部客诉和内部NC表现,与QMS团队一起完善质量体系和流程。 Improve the quality system and process with the QMS team based on external customer complaints and internal NC performance.
    • 基于内部NC,推动和实施PFMEA和PCP实时更新和落实。 Promote and implement PMEA and PCP real-time update and implementation based on internal NC.
  • 客户标准确认/传递/落实 Customer Standard Confirmation/Delivery/Implementation:
    • 确保正确的产品生产和放行标准。 Ensure correct inspection standard.
    • 推动客户标准的传递和落实,杜绝因标准问题导致的异常。 Promote the transmission and implementation of customer standards, eliminate the abnormality caused by standard problems. 
  • 样品/试验批的管理 Quality Control - Sample/Trial lot  Management:
    • 试验批评审的管理。 Trial lot mangement.
    • 推动VOC和TSM做好试验批的跟踪。 Work with VOC and TSM for trial lot tracking. 
  • 成品放行管理 Final Product Release Management:
    • 配合PSC部门做好成品放行的管理。Cooperate with PSC department to do a good job in the management of final  product release.
    • 组织超期库存/产品转发等质量评审。Organize quality reviews such as overdue inventory/product forwarding. 
  • NC管理 Non-conformance Management:
    • 协调不合格品隔离、复检及最终的处理,分析及改进跟踪。Coordinate the nonconformity separateness, retest and final handling, analysis and improvement follow up. 
    • 针对内外部质量异常/不合格,推动相关部门进行分析和改进,并跟踪验证纠正措施的实施情况。 Internal and external abnormal quality or nonconformity, push related department to analyze and improve, follow up and verify the corrective action implementation. 
    • 使用必要的统计工具监控、报告质量状态,发现异常,及时组织改进。Apply necessary statistic tools to monitor quality status, find abnormal trend and organize improvement in time. 
  • LPA管理 LPA Management:
    • 基于LPA的SFB的标准,不断完善工厂LPA体系。Based on LPA SFB standards, constantly improve the LPA system in workshop.
    • 指导和推动各生产部门LPA从审核清单来源,审核频次次,NC分析以及慢性问题解决,提升LPA的有效性。To guide and promote the LPA of production departments from the audit list source, audit frequency, NC analysis and chronic problem solving, improve the effectiveness of LPA. 
  • 变更管理 Change Management:
    • 协同QMS一起做好变更管理优化。Work with QMS to optimize change management.
    • 评估任何可能对产品质量造成影响的更改,并加以控制和验证。Evaluate any changes that may affect product quality, control and verify the impact and result. 
  • 车台Must Have/防错验证管理 Machine Must Have/Error-Proof Verification Management:
    • 基于车台Must Have清单,协助车间做好标准化管理。Based on the Must Have list, support the workshop to implement standardized management.
    • 推动防错验证的标准化。Promote the standardization of error-proof verification. 
  • 其他 Others: 
    • 定期组织质量周会,推动和跟进行动进展。Organize quality weekly meetings regularly to promote and follow up the progress of actions.
    • 定期组织质量。 Organize quality Gemba regularly.
    • 成立质量改善项目,持续改善。 Quality improvement , launch quality improvement projects. 


任职要求 Qualifications

  • 本科以上学历。Bachelor degree or above. 
  • 相关工作经验5年。More than 5 years' relative work experience.
  • 工科,汽车行业优先。Major in science and engineering, and background in automotive industry is preferred.
  • 熟悉IATF16949管理体系,以及5大质量工具使用。Be proficient in IATF16949 and good application of 5 Quality Tools.
  • 英语良好。Good written and oral English.
  • 良好的人员管理和人际关系能力。Good people management and interpersonal ability.
  • 良好的交流技能。Good communication skill.
  • 具有自我管理和发展的能力。Self-management and development ability.
  • 具有分析问题和解决问题的能力。Good at analysis and quick problem solving.
  • 良好的判断力。Good sense of judgement.




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