Technical Project Manager

Date: Jan 16, 2022

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



Purpose of the Job:

The job holder will play an active role in the market introduction of new products to the tiremakers, provide inputs to new product development of tire cord and differentiation of existing products.



Your Role

1. Support market introdcution of new products in China  支持新产品在中国区的市场推广
- Convince customers to adopt NP of Bekaert  说服客户采用贝卡尔特的新产品
- Provide advice to customers in tire design modifications and tire-making process to use the new products in the optimal way  为客户在使用新产品的过程中提供轮胎设计和轮胎制造工艺的建议                                       
- Collect the relevant information of new product performance in tires by means of customer feedback  通过客户反馈,收集新产品在轮胎中的表现的相关信息
- Develop information channels to collect the tire performance in the field  开发信息渠道以便更好地收集轮胎实际使用中的表现
- Define and work on customer cooperation projects  开展与客户的合作项目 


2. Support new product development  支持新产品开发  
- Analyze the product segments and understand the requirements for each product segment of key customers and the market  分析关键客户和市场的产品类型并理解这些产品类型的要求
- Collect information of steelcord package in use at customers  收集钢帘线在客户处的使用信息
- Follow up the evolution of tire market and tire technology development and help to define the roadmap for new product development  跟踪轮胎市场的动态和轮胎技术的发展并协助制定贝卡尔特新产品的发展方向
- Give inputs to new product design (AFA) and to prepare the new product introduction package  给予新产品设计输入,制定新产品推广材料
- Give inputs to develop in-house simulation test methods  为室内模拟测试方法开发提供输入


3. Support in product differentiation  产品差异化管理
- Develop value model at tiremakers  为轮胎制造商提供价值模型
- Identify the differentiators of tire cord and give inputs to Process Technology Team  识别产品差异化点,并提供输入给工艺团队
- Work out the differentiation storyboards to train the sales team and communicate to customers  制定差异化培训材料,培训销售团队并和客户沟通


4. Provide value-adding service to tiremakers  为轮胎制造商提供附加价值服务
- Coach the technicans in tire lab to do tire failure analysis for customers  指导轮胎实验室的技术员为客户做轮胎失效分析
- Determine mechanisms of problems around SC and tire reinforcement, help customers to solve problems and demonstrate systematic problem solving capability  研究钢帘线在轮胎使用中出现的问题的机理,帮助客户解决问题


Your Profile 

1. Bachelor degree or above  本科或本科以上学历
2. 5+ years working experience in tire product development at a major tire company with good track record. Has worked independently in the entire product development process: product design, trial tire making, industralization, and market feedback collection and analysis.大型轮胎公司产品开发5年以上工作经验。能独立完成整个产品开发流程:产品设计、轮胎试生产、批量生产、市场反馈收集和分析
3. Strong experience in failure tire analysis, complaint handling and outdoor testing is preferred  有轮胎失效分析、客户抱怨处理和户外测试经验尤佳
4. Strong project management skills. Proficiency in applying product development tools, such as PFEMA and DFEMA, statistical tools  优秀的项目管理能力。 熟练运用产品开发工具,如PFEMA、 DFEMA、统计工具
5. Strong leaning capability, good communication skills, self-motivator and team player  优秀的学习能力、沟通能力、自我激励和团队精神



You grow, we grow... Better together. Bekaert offers continuous development opportunities.

Job Segment: Project Manager, Information Technology, IT Manager, Product Development, Coating, Technology, Research, Manufacturing