Training Coordinator&SAP Data Keeper

Date: Sep 9, 2021

Location: Jiangyin, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with more than 27 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in combined revenue in 2020.



Purpose of the Job

According to GAMM business needs, coordinate training for GAMM team (both China region and abroad), support development of GAMM Academy, meanwhile promote GAMM culture, thus support to build up a passinate and capable GAMM team with high commitement;Collect and consolidate the gamm report .
根据GAMM的业务需求,协调GAMM团队的培训(中国区域和国外),支持GAMM学院的发展,同时推动GAMM的文化来建立一个高敬业度的激情和有能力的GAMM团队;收集并合并中国区维修报告,并为工厂提供SAP,BW,Powe BI维修数据数据报告。


Your  Role

1. Coordinate training for GAMM team协调GAMM队伍的培训
a. Coordinate new employee training/position change employee training for GAMM Team Jiangyin.协调GAMM江阴团队的新员工培训/转岗员工培训。
b. Coordinate training for GAMM colleagues from China region and Abroad.协调中国区域和国外GAMM同事的培训。
2. Support development of GAMM Academy支持GAMM学院的发展
a. Coordinate the compiling, audit, translation and standardization of training material协调培训材料的编辑,审核,翻译和标准化。
b. Develop GAMM training courses and organize training accordingly.开发GAMM培训课程并组织培训。  
c. Coordinate the compiling , reviewing and publishing of GAMM Files协调GAMM标准文件的制作,更新与发布
d. Promote GAMM culture.  推动GAMM的文化。       

3. Maintenance data collection and analysis维修数据收集与分析
a. Collect and consolidate maintenance report of each plant. (include maintenance cost, energy consumption and etc.)收集并整合中国区维修报告
b. Make SAP &BW&Power BI reports for each plant.为工厂制作维修相关的SAP,BW以及Power BI报告

4. Provide logistic support for GAMM team: to be the coordinator to GAMM and cooperate with the department secretary.为GAMM团队提供后勤支持:作为部门秘书与GAMM部门的联系桥梁
a. Act as the bridge between GAMM-Center team and plant maintenance.作为GAMM中心团队与其他工厂维修团队之间的桥梁。
b. Provide logistic support to GAMM team on business trip为GAMM团队的出差提供后勤支持。
c. Support GAMM activities/meetings支持GAMM的活动和会议


Your Profile

1. Bachelor's degree, at least 1-3 years related experience in Training. 本科,至少1-3年培训相关经验。
2. Good communication and coordination skill.良好的沟通协调能力。
3. Fluent English in both written and oral form.流畅的英语书写口语能力。
4. Be proactive and customer-oriented, have strong sense of responsibility. 做事主动,具有客户导向,责任感强。




You grow, we grow... Better together. Bekaert offers continuous development opportunities.

Job Segment: Curriculum, Database, Training, SAP, ERP, Education, Technology, Operations