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Date: May 14, 2022

Location: Qingdao, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

Bekaert (www.bekaert.com) is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. We pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with almost 30 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 5.1 billion in combined revenue.


1Responsible for expansion and other projects within BQWP. This includes buildings expansion, infrastructure setup and machine installation. He/she is responsible for documentation, timing and supervising of these projects. 负责工厂的扩建和其它改造项目,包括建筑物的、基础设施的和机器的相关工作, 并负责这些项目的资料文件,进程,监督等执行与监督。

2Be responsible for the joint review of civil engineering drawings and the organization, confirmation and implementation of engineering changes, and timely communicate with designers on existing design problems. and take charge of the project construction technology, quality, and safety. 负责土木工程图纸的联合评审及工程变更的组织、确认和实施,并及时与设计人员就现有设计问题进行沟通, 而且负责项目施工技术、质量、安全。

3Prepare the construction organization design and relevant special scheme of the project. The preparation of construction organization design and special scheme shall be in strict accordance with the company's system and regulations and timely approved for rectification and improvement. 准备项目的施工组织设计及相关专项方案。施工组织设计和专项方案的编制,应严格按照公司制度和规定进行审批,并及时批准整改。

4 Responsible for making PD machine running under budget control.确保生产设备在规定的成本下正常运行。

5 Solve the mechanical problem of equipment and  Ensure all machines running with stable and safety. 解决设备的问题并确保设备在稳定安全的状态下连续运行。


一、Prepare projects and IM  项目和改进维修

1、Designs the expansion programs according business need: analyze the needs and specifications for buildings, machinery and other equipment; 根据业务需要设计扩建方案:分析建筑、机械等设备的需求和规格;

2、Prepares / collects the necessary data, information for the expansion projects; 准备/收集扩建项目的必要数据,信息;

3、Contributes to development project 促成项目的实施;

4、Involves and work out the design of BENG and the local design institute(s);参与并指定BENG和本地设计院的设计;

5、SHE projects improvement. SHE项目改进。

二、Projects /IM Management 项目/改进维修管理

1、Prepares bidding / tender documents, such as project scope, project requirement, material list, and so on; 准备招标/招标文件,如项目范围,项目要求,材料清单等;

2、Helps purchasing department contact contractors, receives quotes, negotiates/selects/decides contractors, prepares contract proposals, if necessary; 帮助采购部门联系承包商,接收报价,谈判/选择/决定承包商,准备合同提案,如有必要;

3、Performance Indicator: to prepare the detail and necessary document at the right time for bidding purpose Supervise the correct execution of projects by subcontractors, BTEC and BENG; 为实现招标的目的,及时的准备好各项工作和必要的文件 ,监督分包商,BTECBENG对项目的正确执行;

4、Makes sure that the project execution is on schedule, in case of problems, he solves this problem in scientific way; 确保项目执行按计划进行,如出现问题,采用专业的方法解决这些问题;

5、Makes sure that the project quality is compliance with our company standards, in case of non-compliance, takes corrective measures; 确保项目质量符合我们公司的标准,如不合规,采取纠正措施;

6、Responsible for follow-up of the project orders/ budget etc. during the project; analyzes the budget & actual investment, improves the budget & investment for next project; 负责项目期间项目订单/预算等的跟进; 分析预算和实际投资,提高下一个项目的预算和投资;

7、Draws electrical and/or mechanical drawings, for the secondhand machines/lines project; 为二手机/生产线项目绘制电气和/或机械图纸;

8、Coordinates with the maintenance specialists/engineers, confirms electrical/mechanical parts specifications which have problem, asks for timely purchasing; 与维护专家/工程师协调,确认有问题的电气/机械零件规格,要求及时采购;

9、Ensures implementation of safety regulation in case of hidden dangerous during the project, with help from EHS coordinator.6.  End of projects/IM; EHS协调员的帮助下,确保在项目期间实施安全法规。

10、Checks the completion of all jobs with the manager, makes sure that  there are no pending issues for the project; 与经理一起检查所有工作的完成情况,确保项目没有未决问题;

11、Corrects and prepares all necessary project related documents at the end of the project, and officially hands them over to the relative department; 在项目结束时更正并准备所有必要的项目相关文件,并正式将其移交给相关部门;

12、Organizes the acceptance meeting/activity at the end of the project, arranges to correct the faults timely which are found / brought forward by other departments. 组织项目结束时的验收会议/活动,安排及时纠正其他部门发现/提出的故障。


1Job Holder needs to have a college level degree  with a mechanical related major, at least 5 years of experience in maintenance and 3 years of experience in the project management job. 具有机械相关专业的大专学历,至少5年的维护经验和3年的项目管理工作经验。

2Possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to manage projects, can communicate in English easily and good written. 拥有管理项目的必要知识和技能, 可以简单的进行英语交流,良好的英语书写。

3Drawing skills: AUTO CAD / SOLIDWORKS. 熟练使用 AUTO CAD / SOLIDWORKS 等绘图软件.

4He/she is eager to learn new things, is creative and looks for improvements in all aspects relating to the job, whether technical or managerial. 渴望学习新事物,富有创造力,并在与工作相关的各个方面寻求改进,无论是技术还是管理。

5He/she is a courageous, honest, open minded, open communication person who succeeds in gaining trust and can not only gives positive feedback but also negative feedback. 是一个勇敢,诚实,开放,开放的沟通者,能够积极的反馈好的和待改进的意见和建议并成功的获得信任。

6He/she has an excellent level of creativity to provide excellent solutions at the lowest cost. 具有出色的创造力水平,以最低的成本提供出色的解决方案。

You grow, we grow... Better together. Bekaert offers continuous development opportunities.

Job Segment: Engineer, Electrical, Drafting, CAD, Coating, Engineering, Manufacturing