Process Engineer工艺工程师HRW

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Date: Aug 3, 2022

Location: Shenyang, CN

Company: Bekaert NV

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Purpose of the Job


Set up and execute control system of production process, ensure the quality and process ability meet the requirement.


Developing process of new product, organize the internal sample, trial lot and production.



Your Role

Process control过程稳定性控制:

Set up PFMEA and process control plan accurately.

Set up process specification and process maintenance plan accurately.

Enhance PPK/CPK level of final products and critical process parameters.

Analysis on the nonconformities, take the necessary corrective and preventive actions to reduce the ratio of nonconformities.

New product development新产品开发:

Assist relative team on developing new products and new process

According to developing plan, define and organize the necessary resource such as machine, process and people.

Make samples for customer and deliver in time, the quality has to meet the quality standard and be recognized by customer & follow up trial lot performance at the customer side if needed.

Problem solving问题解决:

VOC of customer and feedback from M&S person, organize relevant people to analyze the factor from technology aspect, define the corrective procedure and follow up, implement the preventive actions.

Lead project team to solve the chronic technical problems occurred in production.

Cost reduction成本降低:

Support to reduce the C quality ratio, wire rod material cost and energy cost.

Improve the production efficiency by optimizing the process settings.

Training知识积累/提供培训: Make up product and process know-how and related training material.


Your Profile

1Master degree (Bachelor degree with potential ability) 硕士/本科(具备高潜能力也可考虑)

22 years related working experience 相关工作经验2年;

3Major in material and mechanism engineering or heat treatment engineering or chemistry and related engineering 金属材料/热处理/化学及相关专业;

4Good English skill;英语熟练,可主导处理日常邮件、会议、项目;

5With ability of making program and plan 建立计划和程序的能力;

6Ability of influence other persons 影响他人的能力;

7Good internal communication skill 良好的内部人际交流能力;

8Self management skill 自我管理能力;

9Good ideation skill 良好的思考的技能;

10Good awareness in quality, customer and safety 良好的质量、客户和安全意识;

11Knowing well SPC, CPK, PPK Statistic technology 熟悉SPC, CPK, PPK等统计技术;

12Know well "Five Great Core Tools"  熟悉五大核心工具;

13Clear mindset with strong logical way of thinking to push & find the root cause and solve the related problem completely.思路清晰,逻辑思维强,能够主导推动彻底解决问题的能力

14Take the lead of launching project and follow up the milestone in time 具有主导/完成相关重要项目的经历

15Strong induction and data analysis skills较强的归纳总结、数据分析能力

16Innovative ability to proactively identify and optimize problems in certain area创新能力,能够主动发现现场中存在的问题并对其进行优化




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Job Segment: Process Engineer, Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Development, Engineering, Data, Research